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Welcome to our planet!
We are teachers and students of the two cooperating schools – Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Gen. Wł. Andersa in Lesko (Poland) and Vilniaus Gabijas gimnazja in Vilnius.

The ECO-JOURNALISTS initiative has been launched in April 2022, under the ERASMUS+ Small Scale Partnership project to foster cooperation of our schools in shaping citizenship competencies and raisinng awareness of students and teachers, by exchanging experience, developing cross-curricular programs of workshops and practical learning in schools.

And…so what? You may say!

If you are curious, learn more about the project

Our "why"
WHO is involved?
What we do?

There are a lot of reasons for thinking and living „ECO”. One of them is that we all live on the same planet, and the Earth is our common home

The more we learn and know about the impact of humans on the environment, the more we can do to protect it.

Having in mind the above, we created the project to educate, motivate and activate ourselves and people around us, through variety of activities.


Most of all we work for ourselves – for humans! However, the project activities are designed for:


8 teachers from Poland and Lithuania cooperate to exchange pedagogies, teaching methods and tools, and develop programs of extracurricular workshops in the field of journalism, environmental protection and English language, that will be useful for other colleagues.

Teachers participating in the project activities have occassion to develop their comunication skills, journalism skills and act as tutors for young eco-journalists working for the editorial office of The4Elements web portal.

The model workshops programs will be available for teachers soon! Check this out


The project unleashes creativity of young people in addressing the negative impact of the lack of ecological awareness among humans. Students will suport local environment in preventing and combating the global climate change which challenges the world, through information and raising awareness.

Basically, the project enables 24 students from Poland and Lituania, to develop first and then use their knowledge of ecology and practical journalistic skills acquired during projects’ workshops. The civic and social competencies on the other hand make it possible to be more aware of the climate changes and be able to use the new media as a tool for raising the awareness of the local community.

Students will form an editorial of The4Elements web portal (

The local community

With our activities we would like to catch the attention of our local and regional community, to raise awareness of the impact and power we have as humans, in protection of our small homeland and the whole planet.

We invite primary school teachers and children to presentations delivered by the project participants (students). You will find invitations in the EVENTS section

All the people living in our region are invited to visit The4Elements web portal to find our information, interviews, reports about the climate change and the ways we can act to save our planet.

We also invite the local and regional decision-makers, educators, environmentalists to suport us and our initiative by spreading the word around to raise awareness of the project topic.

We learn journalism and ecology to provide you with reliable information about the global climate change and the ways, tools and tips to counteract the impact of it on our planet Earth!