Eco is cool!

Many young people believe that ecology is overrated and boring. Because what is it?
Throwing garbage in the bin, not on the street? It’s all about our culture. Saving water or energy? After all, today there is a huge inflation – that’s what parents are asking for whining because the bills will be huge. And in all this, it is not known whether it is about the economy or love for mother earth. And parents for teenagers are not as much of an authority as famous people, such as actors, “influencers”, journalists or athletes. They encourage and they actively participate in various environmental campaigns and play a large role in raising the awareness of the young generation. For example, the sports brand Adidas organized a campaign related to the protection of the oceans against plastic pollution. As part of the action, a floating court was placed over the Great Barrier Reef and a match was played on it, featuring, among others, Ian Thorpe and Jessica Fox. Basketball star LeBron James – a player of the Lakers Los Angeles teamed up with the Nickelodeon TV network and took part in the SpongeBob cartoon to raise awareness about the environment. Danilo Gallinari is an NBA star who currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks and the Italy men’s national basketball team. This is where the #BigFootLittleFootprint campaign began. He has partnered with many new organizations, such as Stand For Trees, dedicated to protecting Mother Nature. He says forests are crucial to the balance of the world. Forests and wildlife are critical to the world, and as the world changes, we must find a way to protect them. The influence of professional athletes on some topics, but above all on their young fans, can be enormous, because when they compete, achieve success, and also act socially, young people watch and listen carefully.
Let’s be like our idols – achieve success, let’s persistently strive for the goal and do good for the environment!