Eco-Journalists. Let’s save the Earth! Final event.


On November 23, 2023, we summed up our 2 year long project ECO-JOURNALISTS.

The final conference of our Erasmus project on language, ecology and journalism took place on 23rd of November. We invited a lot of local guests,  such as the Lesko County Executive Janusz Haftek, the Chief Accountant of the County, Parents’ Council, some students from our local schools with their teachers and all the students and teachers from LO Lesko.

During the meeting, we reflected on our experiences and shared insights giving the reasons for organizing a project that combined journalism with ecological issues and workshops. Students concluded that such a project is a valuable experience in many fields. It’s not only a student and teacher exchange and getting to know other cultures and traditions but it also has a long-lasting effect on the participants’ thinking and perception of the world. What is more, the students appreciated the need to learn foreign languages and the possibilities that being an EU member brings.

The participants of the project described and summarised the activities carried out during the project (PowerPoint Presentation) and also presented  the website: 

At the end of the official part, the students gave their impressions and conclusions after taking part in the project and opened a discussion concerning the project and its future impact on the school and the local community.

Then, the participants had an online meeting with their friends from Lithuania, during which they exchanged their warm greetings and opinions about the project. They also pointed out some difficulties.

Workshops and lectures

During the event, students took part in various practical activities. On of them was addressed to students from the 1st grade who participated in the lecture given by the guest- Mrs. Aleksandra Gałęza from the Museum and Institute of Zoology in the Polish Academy of Sciences. She told them about the population growth and distribution of European bison in the Bieszczady Mountains, as well as about the role of biodiversity in the environment.

Was it worth the effort?

The Eco-journalists project has shown the power of collaboration, education, and the shared vision for a sustainable future among the young generation of Polish and Lithuanian students.

Not only the participants of the project (also new ones) but also the school society and the guests understood the ecological issues our world needs to face.

More and more students are becoming interested in the activities carried out by the “Eco-journalists. Let’s save the Earth” and they would like to join the editorial team. Yes, it was worth the effort!