Winter has arrived, which means it’s harder for birds to find food. As humans, we can help them by creating ecological bird feeders. Here’s a short guide on how to make a feeder in harmony with nature.

1. Choose the right materials: To make an ecological feeder, you can use various materials such as wood, cardboard, or even recycled objects. It’s important to choose materials that are safe for birds and don’t contain any chemicals.

2. Select the appropriate design: There are many different designs for bird feeders. You can choose a simple model with a seed opening or a more advanced one that provides extra protection against rain and snow. You can also opt for a feeder that can be hung on a tree or suctioned to a window.

3. Add seed containers: The feeder should have seed containers that are accessible to the birds. You can use different types of seeds, such as sunflower seeds, flaxseed, millet, or oats. Make sure the feeder is easy to open and clean to maintain hygiene.

4. Protect against predators: To ensure the safety of the birds, it’s worth considering adding protective elements such as mesh or netting to the feeder. This will help prevent access by predators like squirrels or cats.

5. Place the feeder in the right location: It’s important to place the feeder in a safe spot for the birds.