“If you drink from the puddles, you’ll turn into a goat.”


There is an old Lithuanian folk tale called “Jonukas and Grytutė”. It tells the story of two children who got lost in the forest. They wandered around for a long time without water. Jonukas wanted to drink from the puddles, but Grytutė wouldn’t let him, saying: 

“Don’t drink from the puddles, or you’ll turn into a goat!” 

Why can’t you drink water from puddles? 

During the “Eco-Workshops” project seminars, we studied water. We examined samples of river, puddle, and pond water under a microscope and saw microorganisms swimming in them. If people drink this kind of water, they probably won’t turn into goats, but there is a high risk of getting intestinal infectious diseases. 

That’s why in the story, Grytutė didn’t let Jonukas drink from the puddle water!