Journalism workshop in the Lesko High School – 2nd edition


How to check the credibility of information, how to prepare for an interview, how to write for the Internet – we searched for answers to these questions during the “Journalism in a Pill” workshop for high school students from Lesko. Classes were held as part of the EKO-Journalists project, subsidized by the ERASMUS+ program

On November 9, the second edition of journalism workshops for students of the High School in Lesko took place, as part of the EKO-Journalists project. Let’s Save the Earth Together! The main purpose of the classes was to give young people basic information about the work of a journalist and encourage them to co-create the ecological portal During the 4-hour meeting, students discussed, among other things, what citizen journalism is and what its role is, learned what the principles of a journalist’s work are, how to assess the credibility of information and recognize fake news, and how to write for online media.

One of the exercises was to prepare questions for an interview with their idol, during which they learned how to formulate questions so as not to close the space for answers and allow the interviewee to speak more.

Students were also given tips on how to create content for online media, which have their own rules. It’s worth knowing them to make the text more visible, and catchy and encourage people to stay on the portal. You can find more information on this subject in the e-book “Online Journalism. Your First Steps,” which you can find HERE.

Judging by the feedback we received, the classes were well received and warmly welcomed by the young people. After that, several people decided to join the editorial board of Overall:

it was fun! 🙂