May 6th – International Day Without Diets

Top view composition of various Asian food in bowls, free space for text

On this day people all over the world are encouraged to spread awareness about society’s, particularly young people’s, psychological problems related to weight. Young people often wrongly believe that one can only be happy as a thin person. Because of this reason, teenagers suffer from anorexia – they starve themselves in fear of getting fat.  5-20 percent of people with anorexia could die from exhaustion. 

Everyone deserves to love themselves just the way they are. Of course, taking care of one’s body is necessary – eating healthy food, exercising. However, constant dieting is not the solution.

On  July 1st, 2000, there was an Eating Disorder Treatment and Information Centre opened in Vilnius by the initiative of “The Geneva initiative on psychiatry” organisation. It is the only one of its kind in the Baltic states. The centre strives to help people who have eating disorders – those who are overweight, as well as those, who are alarmingly thin. The main diagnoses are: anorexia (when a person’s main goal is to maintain a small body weight), bulimia (when a person eats too much and then makes themselves vomit), overeating disorder (when a person constantly eats too much food). For the international day without diets, the centre organises different events, photo contests and other activities.

By: Agnė Matulionytė