#newME. Workshops for youth workers in Macedonia.


How to use good environmental practices in youth work? What is a sustainable approach in everyone’s life? These and other questions were explored by youth workers during the second day of workshops as part of the #newME project.

On the second day of international workshops for youth workers, #newME project partners put on the table two important topics.

Firstly, they were jointly developing ideas on how to use identified good practices in youth work related to environmental protection or raising public awareness of global climate issues

Secondly, they discussed the concept of sustainability and how important it is to understand its relevance to tackling global environmental problems.

The project #newME is implemented by a team of 5 organizations from 5 countries with different backgrounds: Germany, Poland, Ukraine, North Macedonia, and Czechia. With this variety of perspectives, they managed to develop a couple of ideas to take away and use in the local surroundings.

The workshop for youth workers will last 3 more days to prepare youth workers for being promoters of environmental storytelling at the local level.

Project #newMe is co-financed by the European Union.