Testing on the animals- pros and cons


Testing on animals has been a long-standing practice in the medical and scientific communities. While it has led to a lot of breakthroughs and advancements in our understanding of diseases and treatments, animal testing has also been the subject of much controversy and debate. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of animal testing and discuss potential alternatives and their impact on the environment.

Pros of Animal Testing

Medical  Breakthroughs

Animal testing has been crucial in the development of life-saving medications, treatments, and vaccines. It has helped us better understand the underlying mechanisms of diseases and has paved the way for new therapies.

Safety Testing

Animal testing provides a way to test the safety and efficacy of new drugs and treatments before they are tested on humans. This helps to minimize the risk of harm to human subjects.

Better Understanding of Human Biology

By testing on animals, scientists can gain a deeper understanding of the biological processes that occur in the human body.

Cons of Animal Testing

Ethical Concerns

Animal testing raises serious ethical concerns, as animals are subjected to painful procedures and often live in inhumane conditions.

Lack of Relevance to Humans

Animal testing is not always an accurate predictor of how treatments will affect humans. This is because there are significant differences in anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry between different species.

Possible Replacements

In vitro Testing: This involves testing drugs and treatments on cells in a lab, rather than on live animals. This method is more ethical and can be more relevant to human biology.

Computer Simulations

Computer simulations can be used to model the effects of drugs and treatments on the human body, without the need for animal testing.


Microdosing involves giving small doses of a drug to humans, rather than animals, to determine its safety and efficacy. This method provides more accurate results and eliminates the need for animal testing.

In terms of the impact on the environment, testing on animals leaves a lot of waste in form of animal waste and harmfull chemicals that are left from testing. Also keeping animals requires a lot of energy and food that add up to making testing on animals not enviromentally friendly.

In my opinion  it is okay for animals to be tested for medical reasons but only if we know it will help the human race. We should not  just make something then test it on an animal to check if it is working or not. I also think that we should not use it for things other than medicine  and scientific research –  e.g. cosmetics.