Vilnius Gabija gymnasium’s water consumption habits

We were interested in how our school’s community uses water and how well it is informed of its’ needed usage, therefore we created a survey on water to find out! In this article we are sharing the analyzed responses.
We are able to see that roughly 40% of all the respondents usually drink a glass of water every couple of hours and a significant majority of over 60% tend to consume 2 to 3 liters of water each day. 77% of survey takers responded to drinking tap water, however, if they got the chase 64% of them would opt for sparkling water.
As for water usage, the survey depicts that 70% of respondents use tap water for making food, while 59% believe that the best water for consumption is spring water, but it does not mean they usually reach for it.
It is also revealed that our community is well-informed as over 74% acknowledge that a person is only able to survive up to 5 days without any water. Furthermore, 63% have confessed to saving water by turning it off when unnecessary.