Natural cosmetics


Natural, ecological cosmetics or bio-cosmetics are well-known terms nowadays.
However, many of us do not realize what is really hidden under these names.
That is why we want to discuss this topic in our article.

What are natural cosmetics?
Natural or organic cosmetics are designed to nurture and beautify with natural substances.
They should be friendly to the skin and the environment and promote health.
Cosmetics are also not tested on animals in any way.
We can call natural cosmetics those which contain only natural ingredients: substances and extracts of animal, plant and mineral origin and are obtained by microbiological, enzymatic or physical methods (e.g. pressing, distillation, drying, etc.).
It is also worth mentioning that they are often packaged in planet-friendly packaging, e.g. made of glass, paper or previously processed materials.

Ecological cosmetics effect
The main idea of ​​ecological cosmetics is to protect the environment, but also to cooperate with the human body. Natural products are designed to support the work of the skin in its natural physiological functions, and at the same time not to disturb the natural rhythm of its renewal. Such care is therefore to make the process of self-regeneration of the skin run more efficiently.

Manufacturers and brands of biocosmetics
Natural products are very popular nowadays. The list of brands producing such products also includes Polish manufacturers. At the moment, we have over 100 brands offering natural and ecological cosmetics. However, consumers should pay attention to the certificate confirming their natural origin, it is not enough to just say -eko or -vege on the packaging.

What certificates should be looked for with natural cosmetics?
An extremely important aspect to pay attention to when buying cosmetics of natural origin are the certificates they receive.
Here are some of the most important certificates:

  • BDIH
  • AIAB
    Such certificates will ensure the natural origin of the product.

Advantages and disadvantages of organic cosmetics
Organic cosmetics, just like other products of natural origin, have their advantages and disadvantages. It is worth getting acquainted with them before buying them.

One of the advantages of organic cosmetics is the fact that they are completely safe for all skin types. Anyone can use such products, regardless of the condition of their skin or hair.
Ecological cosmetics, as the name suggests, are environmentally friendly. They are natural products, are made in an environmentally safe way and are not tested on animals.
Specialists confirm the greater effectiveness of natural products. Their composition is ideally created for everyone, which leads to their greater effectiveness compared to conventional cosmetics.
The natural origin also guarantees a much lower risk of allergic reactions to the product.

There are no perfect products. There are also some disadvantages in organic cosmetics. The most problematic aspect is the often very high prices of such products, which is due to their composition.
Despite the popularity of cosmetics of natural origin, there is often a problem with their availability in smaller towns.
The ingredients of organic products are not artificially modified in any way. This leads to another problem, namely the shorter shelf life of such cosmetics.

Despite a few disadvantages that cosmetics of natural origin have, it is worth investing in them. Their effectiveness is much better than conventional cosmetics. They are friendly to people and the environment.

authors – Antonina Gradzińska, Karolina Kafara